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Renamed ContentType and ScopeType


I know C# doesn't allow Properties to have same names as Classes they are in. So far I had no problems with both 'ContentType' and 'ScopeType' properties renamed to 'Type' however there is serious problem with renamed SQL columns.
I changed in ContentType.cs
Type = Null.SetNullString(dr["Type"]); to Type = Null.SetNullString(dr["ContentType"]);
and in ScopeType.cs
Type = Null.SetNullString(dr["Type"]); to Type = Null.SetNullString(dr["ScopeType"]);
And restored original SQL file 05.03.00.SqlDataProvider and folder 'Library\Entities\Content\Data\Scripts'
So far its working flawlessly.
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zyhfish wrote Jun 8, 2010 at 1:31 AM

this change will be work right, I will discuss it with other guys to decide how to do this, thank you.

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