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Project Description
The DotNetNuke® project is developed and maintained on a Visual Basic codebase, however a C# version has always been a popular request. This is a supervised project to provide a community driven C# development version of the DotNetNuke Open Core.

At present this is strictly a project for developer interest. Although the contributors are professional and conscientious, there is no official testing or validation applied to this code base or packages. We highly discourage any attempt at production usage based on this risk. Anyone desiring to run DotNetNuke as a production application should utilize the Install version (which is based on VB.Net) and available at
Download packages created from this repository can be found on the project download pages. Please be advised that there may be a few days delay between a release of DotNetNuke and the C# version.

A C# version of DotNetNuke has been a popular discussion item for quite some time. If you're interested in some of the historic conversion you can view this thread:

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